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the workshops


Monday:  7pm-9pm

Wednesday:  11am-1:30pm

Thursday:  11:30am-1:30pm

Please email for more information

some writing experience preferred

“The most insightful, inspiring and dead-on accurate writing coach I have ever known. 

I don’t know anyone who does this even a fraction as well as Nancy.”  K. Kowsky

We write together in the group. The exercises are open enough to include whatever demands to be written, specific enough to guide us to the stories underneath.  The process is risky, evocative, joyous.  It’s a kind of magic that reconnects us with our power, our goofiness, our uniqueness & universality.

We read our pieces in the group.  With laughter, tears & something akin to astonishment, we recognize ourselves in each other’s stories, find ourselves a little less alone in the world.  In the safety of our circle, truth drives the writing and changes our relationship to life.

The feedback is insightful, honest & useful.  Each writer is met at his or her level, challenged to move beyond habit into the realm of art.

Life is not tidy

Writing will not change this, but it will provide a generous container to receive it.

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