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Nancy Bacal's unique gift as a teacher is that she is exquisitely attuned to the needs of each individual - from those less comfortable with the written word, to published authors and novice seekers of truth.  

Nancy takes you on a journey of discovery - sometimes scary, always exhilarating. She is a consummate guide, even in the darkest places.  The biggest tribute to Nancy's skill is that her writers stick around forever. As a direct result of her groups, I was able to realize my life-long dream of publishing a bestselling memoir.

- Terri Cheney, author of Manic:  A Memoir  

Nancy is the most present and awake person I have ever met, she does not miss a single beat. She cuts straight through to the heart.

There is something magical about sharing in a group, and the tone Nancy sets keeps it authentic, directed and moving. Because of her feedback, this last year has been better than twenty years of therapy.

- Fawn Rogers

I joined Nancy’s workshop in early 1994.  I’d already had a couple of novels published by Ballantine and felt the last thing I needed was a writers’ workshop. But I joined, begrudgingly, and gave myself one month maximum.  It’s 2012 and I’m still there.

What Nancy accomplishes so skillfully is the creation of a gentle and safe atmosphere where she encourages writers to approach their work from a place of not knowing. It’s not always a comfortable process - growth seldom is - but it’s eminently worthwhile in terms of stilling the inside critic and opening the writer to imagination and infinite possibility. 

- Paul Mantee

Professional dancers take class. Writers too must have a place to work out if they are to keep their emotional muscle flexible. With humor and wisdom, Nancy creates a writing sanctuary where we are invited to explore the depths of our souls.  Time spent in Nancy's room is a gift every writer should give to him or herself.  Your writing will be transformed.  Your life might be too.

- Juliet Green

Sitting in a workshop surrounded by accomplished writers, I felt insecure. But her grasp of each of my pieces confounded and inspired me, and after a decade still does. The synergy and friendships I have made in the group have been immense. My life is richer and more rewarding for the experience. Nancy has created a space that has allowed me to humbly call myself a writer.

- Arnold Pomerantz

I had been a newspaper journalist for 15 years when I met Nancy Bacal. I was aware that my writing needed depth. Nancy showed me the way, and then some.

She is an utterly brilliant teacher and guide. Supportive and warm, she showed me how to get to the emotional truth of a situation, cut to the core of any topic I approached. Nancy helped me learn how to gaze within, to look mysteries in the face, and to find the kinds of deeper truths that readers immediately recognize and appreciate. My writing grew tremendously. Most important, I learned an incredible amount, about life and about the potential of the human spirit. It changed my life.


  1. -Seth Faison, author of South of the Clouds:  Exploring the Hidden Realms of China

Our group feels like the best of family. Respectful, open, honest. A rare and wonderful experience.

- C.M.

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